Senior Speaker

Marquette University Student Government leads the nomination and selection process for each graduating class' senior speaker at May commencement.

Senior Speaker Nominiations

Thank you for taking the time to identify a student who you feel embodies the Marquette values of Leadership, Service, Excellence and Faith. The person who is selected to be Senior Speaker will give a brief, 5-7 minute speech during the commencement ceremony. The speech itself will invoke a sense of solidarity among the graduating seniors while at the same time provide personal insights gathered during his or her years on campus.

The best speeches are ones that convey to both parents and students what it is like to be a Marquette student (what values we hold, daily life, what we learn, etc.) but also funny anecdotes, experiences, and memories. A great speech will combine these two components to create an overall theme that epitomizes what it means to be a Marquette Student.

Nominations for Class of 2014 Senior Speaker are now closed.

Seniors will be able to vote from a list of 10 nominees during the general MUSG and RHA elections on March 26.

The top three candidates from the election will be brought before the Senior Speaker Selection Committee for selection. The Class of 2014 Senior Speaker will be announced in late April.

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact MUSG Senior Speaker Coordinator Sterling Hardaway at