Senior Speaker

Marquette University Student Government leads the nomination and selection process for each graduating class' senior speaker at May commencement.

Class of 2016 Senior Speaker Finalists

Vote for your Class of 2016 Senior Speaker in the general MUSG and RHA elections on April 7

The individual who is selected to be Senior Speaker will give a brief, 5-7 minute speech during the commencement ceremony. The speech itself will invoke a sense of solidarity among the graduating seniors while at the same time provide personal insights gathered during his or her years on campus. A great speech will create an overall theme that epitomizes what it means to be a Marquette Student for the Class of 2016. 

The top three candidates from the April 7 election will be brought before the Senior Speaker Selection Committee for the final selection.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact MUSG Senior Speaker Coordinator Carly Rogers.


Candidate Biographies

Andrea Bonaccorsi
Andrea Bonaccorsi is a senior in the College of Education double majoring in Secondary Education and English. She believes in the power, and necessity, of dialogue and relationship-building in order to support a community with love and understanding.

            Participating in Midnight Run, M.A.P/ I.M.A.P service trips, and connecting with the Cathedral Center, as the Director of Community Service of her Greek organization, has allowed her to put her faith in this concept into action in the community surrounding campus and beyond. Andrea aims to teach in the pursuit of social justice and is filled with joy (and funny stories) from the high schoolers she is student teaching this semester.

            Andrea is shamelessly enthusiastic about Real Chili, bad puns, and rooting for the Chicago Bears. When she is not spending time at her high school, she can be found running around campus or spending some quality time with her pal John P. Raynor. As a transfer student, she is forever thankful to Marquette and the Class of 2016 for truly being the difference in her college experience and life. 

Carlos Soria
Referred to as the greatest thing that happened ever in history, Carlos is a Marketing major from Chicago, as in Chicago, Chicago.

Carlos’s favorite place on campus is a nice Raynor second floor table facing Lalumiere, but you’ll find him on the bridge doing anything but studying. He’ll probably be throwing jellybeans, wearing some sort of costume, or having a very deep conversation, just always over some unused study guides.

As a proud member of Kappa Sigma, Carlos enjoyed organizing fundraisers as philanthropy chair and generally loves doing service. He also loves leading retreats through Campus Ministry, guiding conversations with a balance of genuine reflection and eccentric immaturity.

Carlos is an avid storyteller, who loves Breaking Bad, cats, volleyball, and movies. He geeks out over films, always reading critic reviews and trivia. He even took a Scriptwriting class for fun. Coincidentally, he has a tendency to get himself in sitcom-like “situations,” and appreciates a good story and a good lesson.

Besides being invited to his professor’s office to read his illegible midterm, Carlos hopes to cross off more Graduation Bucket List items, like bringing his own fold-up table and chair to study in the library during finals. 

Kim Baker
Kim Baker has “fallen in love” with Marquette over the course of her four years. I’m not talking about The Notebook type of love, but the Pedro Arupe S.J. kind of love. If you’ve never read the poem—prepare to be inspired. What “amazes [Kim] with joy and gratitude” are Milwaukee’s vibrant neighborhoods, the random colorful yarn-bombs on campus, and Broyo’s peanut butter/chocolate/banana french toast.

From her work as President of Global Brigades, a future in global health has “seized [Kim’s] imagination.” Kim has experienced first-hand the incredible strength of communities that have been deemed vulnerable and the amazing love students can show when they work for and with others. Mixing cement, building bathrooms, and singing songs about oral health have become second nature for Kim, while she continues to enthusiastically struggle with her Spanglish.

When she’s not digging water trenches in Nicaragua, you can find Kim at the Writing Center or Wellness Center on campus. Working at the Writing Center she enjoys working one-on-one with fellow students to help them feel confident in their writing, and the Wellness Center allows her to make campus a healthier place. Kim looks forward to helping share the Class of 2016 “love” story.  

Megan Andreasen
Megan Andreasen is an Omaha, Nebraska native who comes from a long line of Warriors and Golden Eagles.  She is in the College of Nursing and has a strong passion for accessibility to healthcare, which led her to accept a public health position with Jesuit Volunteer Corps Northwest in Washington for the coming year.  Megan has a deep dedication to Marquette’s mission and is constantly inspired by all of you- the driven, innovative, and compassionate students that have made her college experience more than she ever thought it would be.

Megan has been present in the Midnight Run movement from freshman to senior year.  Her interest in Latin America and social justice has steered her to the Dominican Republic in multiple capacities.  Ultimately, Megan believes her Marquette journey has been shaped by the risks she has taken while a student in order to never miss out on an opportunity (including running for senior speaker).  Taking the time to listen to another’s story and connect with the Milwaukee community has challenged her to be an advocate for change.

Megan loves nothing more than a good road trip, used bookstores, and exploring the nooks and crannies of her Milwaukee home.  

Tommy Swartz
ommy Swartz is a senior in the College of Business studying Marketing & Economics. Born and raised in Des Moines, Iowa (aka Da Money aka Dirty Money aka the Paris of the Midwest), the first CD Tommy ever bought with his own money way 50 Cent's "Get Rich or Die Tryin"

He made his way to Marquette in search of an education and cheap beer, but has found much more in these past 4 years. From the glory days in O'Donnell to volunteering with MARDI GRAS, performing improv with the Fugees to studying abroad in Belgium, the number of experiences and firends that he has encountered along the way has shaped Tommy from a boy into a man...kind like a Bar Mitzvah. Outside the the classroom, Tommy enjoys listening to the houseband, getting oh so close to an intramural championship, the outdoors and anything that ends in -king: biking, hiking, kayaking, and The Lion King. Tommy enjoys the power of a good smiles and lives by the mantra: "Lighten Up".


Cate Beauchamp
I am a senior studying biomechanical engineering with a minor in biological sciences and a concentration in engineering leadership.

When I’m not drinking copious amounts of coffee, I am found at Meladies rehearsals, Pi Phi events, or advocating for the study abroad office. I’m involved in organizations across campus from Orientation Staff to the Marquette Action Program, and many more.

I could use this space to talk about myself and share my accomplishments, but being the commencement speaker would be so much more than that. So instead, let’s take a few lines to reminisce about the time a bat was trapped in the Bradley Center, the early mornings of Hunger Clean Up where campus feels alive with service and gratitude, the Tuesday nights where St. Joan of Arc is literally overflowing with people in the silence of the night, and all the moments in between. Four years ago, I was applying to transfer schools, but standing here today, I could not be more proud to be a Marquette alum and could not be more thankful for these memories.

Giulianna Sutkiewicz
My name is Giules and I am from a small town in Wisconsin called Sheboygan (where we have an annual festival and parade for sausage). I am political science major hoping to volunteer with AmeriCorps after graduation!

Some of my favorite things to do in Milwaukee are going to shows at the Pabst, drinking an inappropriate amount of Colectivo coffee, and singing Mariah Carey (badly) at Miss Katie’s. I am also a book nerd and political junkie. AMY POEHLER 2016!

I work for the Center for Community Service on campus, which has enabled me to get to know so many phenomenal Marquette students and community members. I’ve also been able to get to know the Milwaukee community as a coordinator for Marquette’s Midnight Run, an organization that addresses the needs of the hungry and homeless. I spend every Thursday with incredible veterans that have taught me a lot about humility and respect.

I am a strong believer in empowering others! I run an afterschool program called WYSE that seeks to empower middle school girls in Milwaukee (I did a talk about this at MarquetteX this year- check it out!)

PS: If any underclassmen are reading this and want to swipe me for mac & cheese and nugg night at Cobeen, feel free to send me an email- thanks!  

Max Bertellotti                         For the last four years, Max Bertellotti has learned that each day at Marquette brings a new story and a different lesson. From his Schroeder dorm, to townships he visited in Cape Town, South Africa, Max has been excited to learn a new lesson or meet a new face.

A Seattle native studying International Affairs and English Literature, Max wants to see the world and share its stories. He feels most at home sitting at the Brew talking with strangers about new music, old books, or something in-between. You might see Max late for class riding around campus on his old, red bike and singing to himself.

Max, like the other phenomenal speaker candidates, has been involved with a number of organizations on Marquette’s campus, though he is most proud of his work promoting social innovation with the student group ChangeMakers@MU. Max works to empower Marquette students to think creatively about how they pursue their passions and make an impact on others.

Above all else, Max enjoys good conversation and warm people. Whether in class, at Murphy’s, after mass, or on a long car ride to somewhere new, Max wants to meet people and hear their story.

Congrats on graduating.

Tina Rende
From the square dance during orientation to walking across the stage at graduation, Tina’s Marquette experience has truly transformed her life. She embraced the beautiful city of Milwaukee through countless service experiences, discovered Joan of Arc as her favorite place on campus, realized that it is always acceptable to eat five hot cookies in one night and learned that Midnight Run is not actually a late night jogging club.

Tina loves cooking experiments (that are on occasion actually successful!), archery, and singing opera. Her guilty pleasure is watching My Big Fat Greek Wedding while pigging out on butter lover’s popcorn and Sweetarts.  

Tina is majoring in Physician Assistant Studies and Biomedical Sciences. She cannot wait to embrace all the challenges and triumphs of dedicating her life to medicine and her patients. 

Screen Shot 2015-12-31 at 6.47.52 AM.jpg

Wyatt Massey

That night in San Salvador, with the sound of gunshots in the distance, Wyatt Massey’s mission became clear. Coming face-to-face with the victims of a brutal, 12-year civil war in a country still plagued by violence underlined the world’s need for truth.

If Wyatt learned anything along his journeys to Milwaukee, El Salvador and India, it is that there is a wealth of untold stories. From racism to poverty, there are countless reasons to be discouraged. Yet, his notebook is filled with stories of hope. His mission as a human rights journalist is to shed light on under-reported topics and highlight the people with solutions to inequality.

Storytelling has always been a part of Wyatt’s life. Some of his earliest memories include listening to his grandpa tell tall tales. He grew up on a farm in rural Wisconsin, where cows outnumber people. After moving to Milwaukee, interactions with individuals who are homeless and marginalized fostered a passion for social justice and taught him about shared humanity. James Foley’s life continues to inspire Wyatt to combine his experiences through Midnight Run, M.A.P. and the Burke Scholarship into a life dedicated to telling stories that inspire, educate and empower.