Class of 2014 senior speaker

The Senior Speaker is a student student who embodies the Marquette values of Excellence, Faith, Leadership and Service and will speak to their classmates with humility and solidarity in a way that exmplifies what it means to be a Marquette student.

The following ten students are the nominees for the Class of 2014 Senior Speaker. Seniors will select three candidates below during the spring MUSG and RHA election on Wednesday, March 26.

The top three candidates from the election will be brought before the Senior Speaker Selection Committee for selection. The Class of 2014 Senior Speaker will be announced in late April.

Spencer Bonahoom
College of Business Administration
"Whether it be working as a tour guide on campus, being a member of Kappa Sigma Fraternity, leading several MARDI GRAS trips, being selected as a PA for Leadership Programs... Spencer displays characteristics of someone who embodies the values of Marquette University. The compassion he displays towards others on a daily basis is remarkable and his love for Marquette is evident every day and is extremely inspiring."
Kelly Carney
College of Health Sciences
"As one of the hardest working people I know from an academic standpoint, [Kelly] never lets her pre-dental studies prevent her from dedicating her time to others, be it her best friends, sister who also attends Marquette, club tennis team, or strangers via service trips and volunteering. People look up to her as a smart, well-rounded, funny, classmate and friend."
Jac Cupkovic
College of Business Administration
"I had the opportunity to work with Jac when he led the Fall Mardi Gras trip. He not only was great at teaching us what to do on the worksites, but he was also great at verbalizing why exactly we do the work we do and how it makes a difference."
Brian Frenzel
College of Engineering
"Brian has been a fantastic student leader in service, involvement and care for others. He has dedicated his Marquette career to leading peers in Orientation staff and working with middle schoolers as a basketball coach at a local school. His love for Marquette has influenced his spirit in moonlighting as the Golden Eagle mascot."
Carrie Hanson
College of Education
"Caroline Hanson is involved in many organizations at Marquette. She really loves the school and everything Marquette means to the community. I think she would be a great representation of what Marquette is and represent the senior class well."
Morgan Merketician
College of Arts & Sciences
"I cannot think of anyone who has embodied Marquette more than [Morgan]...Through the service she has participated in and the friends she has made, Morgan has really changed lives. I attribute this to her positive attitude about everything in life, but she would attribute this to Marquette."
Laura Mikeworth
College of Arts & Sciences
"Laura truly embodies the spirit of Marquette as an exceptional student and person for others. She is actively and passionately involved in many campus activities and is graceful, tactful, and eloquent in all that she does."
Cory Steinmetz
College of Engineering
"He truly exemplifies the four pillars of faith, service, excellence and leadership. Cory was one of the Senior leaders for Marquette Global Medical Brigades this year and was involved heavily in the planning of reflections. He used faith to inspire students throughout all aspects of the Brigade in Nicaragua. Besides being involved in service internationally, he is also involved with service here in Milwaukee."
Elizabeth Stone
College of Arts & Sciences
"Smart, English major, funny, poised, and really involved at Marquette."
Jena Wallander
College of Nursing
"Jena is a prime example of the Marquette student. She is dedicated, involved, and loves with all of her heart. Additionally, she is hysterical, and would be a great selection for speaking at the 2014 spring commencement."


If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact MUSG Senior Speaker Coordinator Sterling Hardaway at

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