The MUSG Senate is responsible for representing the ideas, opinions and concerns of the student body to university administration. Senators work on behalf of students by writing legislation to be passed on to administrators, meeting with faculty and university officials to discuss concerns, planning forums and events focused on specific topics and gaining student feedback through surveys meeting with students.

Current issues that MUSG Senators are working on include alcohol amnesty, implementing course evaluations into the registration process, and more. More details about Senate initiatives can be found on our blog.

Senators are always looking to better understand student needs and advocate for what students want during their time at Marquette. If you have a concern or an issue that needs to be addressed, please feel free to contact one of your MUSG Senators or share your concern at a weekly Senate meeting during the Forum for Concerned Students. Working with an MUSG Senator can help bring a beneficial change to Marquette and improve the lives of other students.

Legislative Vice President

Kyle Whelton  

President Pro Tempore

Ryan Twaddle


Senate Committees

In addition to representing students by college or residence, MUSG Senators work to solve student issues in one of four committees.


The Academics committee works on issues that deal with academic areas of campus, including advocacy for new majors and minors, academic advising and more.

Committee Chair: Zack Wallace

Business and Administration

The Business and Administration committee works on large-scale policy concerns at Marquette as well as approves functions within MUSG.

Committee Chair: Thomas Schick

Student Life

The Student Life committee tackles issues related directly to the lives and wellbeing of students at Marquette. Past issues have included a lack of space on campus and advocacy for an upgraded health and wellness center.

Committee Chair: Natasha Hansen

Student Organizations

The Student Organizations committee addresses the concerns of Marquette’s 275+ student organizations as well as approves new student organizations on campus.

Committee Chair: Emmaline Jurgena



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