Rec & Wellness Referendum

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Click on the banner to access the ballot!


In 2010, MUSG funded a study of the recreation and wellness facilities on campus. This survey concluded that the university was rapidly outgrowing our current spaces and that, "If the University chooses to maintain the status quo, it is likely that the level of student satisfaction will continue to decline."  Since the study in 2010, we have continued to use the same spaces without significant improvements or changes to the current facility. 

Throughout the past year, MUSG has been seeking feedback from student organizations, club sports and performing groups that rely on recreation and wellness space and have found out that our facilities are not adequately meeting the needs of our students.  However, the improvement of our recreation and wellness space on campus is not only necessary for student organizations and club sports, but also is crucial for the entire Marquette community. We believe that the idea of wellness needs to be one that is all encompassing. This means having a holistic approach to health, meeting the needs of recreation, keeping the Medical Clinic up to the student demand and prioritizing mental health by increasing the capacity and quality of the Counseling Center. We have seen a consistent increase in the usage of the Counseling Center, Medical Clinic and Recreation Centers and want to provide students with quality facilities that will match this increased usage.

MUSG sees the value of students' health and has worked alongside University Leadership to begin to take steps that were prescribed to us almost 6 years ago. Throughout the University, the consensus is to pursue the inevitable need for a entirely new facility. However, the amount of money that we would need to raise for this proposed facility could not become a reality without student support. 

On March 15th, Marquette students will have the opportunity to cast their vote for a new student fee to fund the development of a new Recreation and Wellness facility on campus. This vote will symbolize the Marquette community's commitment to the health and wellness of future students and allow current students to leave a legacy for future generations. We ask for your consideration on this matter before you cast your vote and encourage you to explore the resources on this webpage or to reach out to MUSG directly. 

Please view the frequently asked questions below regarding the Recreation and Wellness Fee and the upcoming Referendum.

How much will the Rec & Wellness Fee be?
When will the Rec & Wellness Fee go into place?
How long will the Rec & Wellness Fee last for?
How much will a new Rec & Wellness space cost?
How will a new facility be funded?
Why can't tuition cover the construction of a new building?
How does this fit in with master plan?
Has the university committed to a new Recreation and Wellness Facility?
Why not renovate Helfaer?
How did you determine the fee amount?
Will all students pay the fee? (e.g. full or part-time, undergrad, grad, professional students)
Will the university use any of the fee for the Athletic Performance Research Center (APRC)?
Will the fee increase over time?
Will students be able to benefit from paying the fee before the facility is completed?
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