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MUSG introduces legislation for Community Engagement Coordinator, Elects new members to SOF and Budget Committees

MUSG Senate began with officer reports, starting with President Wallace. He spoke briefly about the initiatives planned for the following year, which included sustainability efforts, a continuation of the Good Neighbor Designation program and involvement in the Avenues West Neighborhood. Executive Vice President Manjee addressed the recent Student Organization Funding application deadline, which was April 12. There were a few issues with the online application, and EVP Manjee addressed any issues with organization application submissions through email. EVP Manjee also mentioned openings in the office for the following year, which include desk receptionists, Senior Speaker Coordinator, Elections Coordinator and Judicial Administrator.  

Dr. Dan Bergen, Director of Off-Campus Student Services presented on the Good Neighbor Designation program and university presence in the surrounding neighborhood.

After announcements and committee reports, Senate unanimously approved the fiscal year 2016 budget. Then various senators, along with President Wallace, EVP Manjee and LVP Schick, introduced Amendment #1, which would add a position for a Coordinator for Community Engagement. This Coordinator would further efforts and initiatives of the ad hoc Committee of Community Engagement put in place by then Legislative Vice President Wallace.

President Wallace and EVP Manjee also introduced Amendment #2, the transfer of All University Committee responsibilities from the EVP to the President. Because of the addition of several new responsibilities to the EVP position and the President’s already inherent participation in student advocacy and the All University Committee, both President Wallace and EVP Manjee think the transfer of responsibilities will aid in overall productivity and efficiency with the committee.

After the introduction of amendments, Senate held elections for the SOF and Budget Committees. Senator Miller and Senator Stolz were elected to the two Academic seats on the SOF Committee, Senator Dearden was elected to the open Residential seat on the SOF Committee, and Senator Elizondo was elected to the Academic seat on the Budget Committee.