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MUSG Allocates Reserve Funds, Recognizes Marquette as a Fair Trade University

Senate met on March 16 to allocate reserve funds, discuss the Good Tenant Training and Good Neighbor Designation Programs, pass a referendum to be included on the upcoming school-wide ballot and recognize Marquette as a Fair Trade Institution.

President Kyle Whelton announced that he has issued an Executive Order to establish the Good Tenant Training Program and the Good Neighbor Designation Program, which will be administered in a conjunction with the Landlord-Tenant Council. The Good Tenant Program will educate students on tenant responsibilities and resources. In exchange for attending a training session and passing a quiz on the material covered, students will receive benefits from property owners that could include a reduced or waived security deposit or discounted rent.

Senate voted to approve three pieces of legislation introduced at the previous Senate meeting. Resolution #8, Reserve Fund Allocation for NJSLC, provides $10,000 for 11 students and one advisor to attend the National Jesuit School Leadership Conference. Resolution #9, Student Activity Fee Referendum, proposes a referendum on raising the annual Student Activity Fee on the spring ballot for a student vote. Recommendation #5, Recognizing Marquette as a Fair Trade Institution, acknowledges the university’s sustainability efforts and equitable trading partnerships.

Outgoing and incoming Communications Vice Presidents Sarah McClanahan and Emily Gorz, introduced Amendment #13, Restructuring of the MUSG Communications Department. If passed, the Communications Department will be comprised of three Communications Directors each overseeing a team comprised of a Public Relations Assistant, a Multimedia Assistant and a Design Assistant. This will allow projects in the Communications Department to be completed more efficiently and for communications assistants to take ownership of their projects.

Kevin Hardmann, the Executive Director of Bublr Bike Milwaukee, visited Senate to present and discuss the launch of the bike sharing system in Milwaukee. Currently, there are 10 bike stations in the city, and Bublr Bikes organizers hope to add at least 15 additional stations by the end of the year, including at least one near Marquette’s campus. Organizers hope to expand to 100 stations in the next three years. With release of a mobile app, users can easily check and see which stations have bikes available to borrow. Milwaukee joins cities including Chicago, Boston, Washington D.C., Madison and Minneapolis in launching a bike-sharing program. Hardmann described Bublr Bikes as an affordable way to navigate and explore the city that is fun, efficient and unique.

Applications are now open for students who are interested in serving in the MUSG Communications Department for the 2015-16 school year. Interested students can find more information and applications at