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MUSG passes finals week policy recommendation, introduces SOF attributes

MUSG Senate opened with presentations by Dr. William Welburn, Associate Provost for Diversity and Inclusion; Farrah Coltrain and Brianna Blackshire, Kappa Delta representatives; and Zach Pasker, a representative from Delta Tau Delta.

Dr. Welburn spoke about the upcoming climate study. The purpose of the study is to better understand the Marquette community through observations and experiences of students, faculty and administration. He encourages all students to participate in the climate study survey, which is available starting Feb. 3 at

The representatives from the Kappa Delta sorority and Delta Tau Delta fraternity explained their process in becoming new chapters on campus. Both chapters are looking for outstanding students to join their organization and are accepting referrals.

During officer reports, President Kyle Whelton congratulated MUSG on its successful Mission Week service project. Student volunteers packaged 25,000 meals for Stop Hunger Now in under two and a half hours. Of the organizations that participated, Mardi Gras and Women’s Club Soccer had the most members involved. After a raffle drawing of organizations that participated, the Cycling Club won $1,000 of Student Organization Funding.

After officer and committee reports, Senate unanimously approved legislation to update the finals week exam policy. The legislation recommends that students be required to take no more than two exams in a day during finals week instead of three. The recommendation will be brought to university administration; however, there is no guarantee that policy will be implemented before Spring 2015 finals.

MUSG Executive Vice President Natalie Pinkney then presented new Student Organization Funding attributes. The purpose of the attributes is to make the SOF process smoother and more objective for organizations applying for funding, as well as the SOF Committee when making its funding decisions. However, the approval of the new attributes was tabled until the next scheduled Senate meeting to provide more time for Senators to look over the document and ask questions.

Committee chairs presented updates on upcoming events and initiatives. The Business & Administration committee just started orders for its Growing Power program. Students can order baskets of locally grown produce in the MUSG office until Wednesday, Feb. 4 with credit or debit cards.

On Feb. 18, MUSG will host a safety walk from 6-8 p.m. to demonstrate the safety of campus and our surrounding neighborhood. DPS officers will guide the walk, and hot chocolate will be available. The spring Neighborhood Cleanup will be on March 28.

The Academic Committee is also partnering with the College of Arts and Sciences to host a student forum. The forum will take place Feb. 3 at 8 p.m. in Cudahy 143 and focus on student concerns or ideas surrounding academics on campus.