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MUSG to provide pet therapy session during midterms

Missing your dog at home or just want to relax with a furry friend? Marquette University Student Government and the Counseling Center will sponsor a pet therapy session throughout midterm week. Certified therapy pets will come to campus on Thursday, Oct. 15.

Therapy dogs are animals trained to provide affection and comfort to those in difficult or stressful situations. According to research studies, interaction with therapy animals, such as dogs, can temporarily affect the release of various neurotransmitters in the brain such as oxytocin, which is linked with bonding, and dopamine, which is involved in feeling rewarded and motivated. These neurotransmitters can also help decrease cortisol levels, which is the immunosuppressant that leaves you feeling overwhelmed and stressed.

Biological reasons aside, petting a puppy will make you smile and forget about that ten-page research paper for a while.

So come relax, have fun and reap the furry benefits of playing with the therapy pets on Thursday, Oct. 15 during midterms week. The dogs will be located in the 2nd floor of the AMU from 12:00-1:30PM.

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