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Lean/Six-Sigma representatives explain SOF external review process

Representatives from the business school opened the Marquette University Student Government Senate meeting on Thursday, Sept. 29 with a presentation on the Lean/Six-Sigma program and how they plan to externally review our SOF process. The Lean/Six-Sigma program will work to streamline MUSG’s current SOF process, eliminate waste and make it easier for those who aren’t familiar with the process to complete it successfully. The team hopes to increase the number of SOF applications, create an objective SOF allocation process, decrease time of the reimbursement process, eliminate budget overruns and formally obtain feedback from student organizations.

Currently, students from the course are in the “measure” phase of the program, gathering data and understanding how the current SOF process works. Soon, they will begin analyzing this information to search for possible improvements. The process is expected to be complete in six weeks.

During officer reports, President Whelton provided an update on the current provost search. The Provost Search Committee and the search firm Isaacson, Miller took student recommendations and consideration at the student listening session on Monday, Sept. 22. The search is going well and possible candidates will be presented to the committee on Tuesday.

Executive Vice President Pinkney reminded everyone of the upcoming SOF deadlines for non-club sports on Oct. 10 and current openings on the All-University Committee. She also spoke on the success of the new Ozzi reusable container program. Marquette is surpassing other universities with the outstanding use of the environmentally-friendly dining containers and machines. It is also looking to update the current containers to waterproof ones that would prevent leaking from liquids such as salad dressings.

Program Vice President Twaddle gave an update on the Program Board restructuring ad hoc committee’s progress. He shared that the committee is looking to change the structure of Program Board to allow all interested students to participate in the program planning process. The committee’s restructuring recommendations will reflect its conversations with 25 other institutions about their program boards, including their structure and budget.

Program Board is also starting a new initiative to reach out to other student organization and diversity programs. The board would like to help organizations plan new or existing programs in order to provide support, reduce conflicting programs and create inclusive programming throughout the university community and all organizations.

Senator Schick spoke on behalf of the Academic Technology Committee, which is focusing on D2L grade book usage and standardization throughout all colleges and professors. He also reminds all students to take their Academic Integrity Test on D2L. Students cannot apply for spring semester classes without taking the test.

In new business, Senator Aliya Manjee was elected to the position of President Pro-Tempore by a unanimous vote. Senator Craft nominated Manjee based on her extensive experience and dedication to MUSG, how she has addressed issues on the Academics Committee and her role on the SOF Committee. He also highlighted her previous role as interim LVP and believes she will be a positive liaison between Senate and the executive board.

Senators Hannah Thiry and Ahmad Murrar were elected to the SOF Committee, filling the two open residential seats. Senator Cameron Vrana was elected to fill the open residential seat on the Budget Committee.

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