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University Honor Code Introduced to MUSG Senate

On Thursday, April 24, Marquette University Student Government Senate met to learn about the plan to implement a university-wide Honor Code, vote on its budget for fiscal year 2015 and elect a new President Pro Tempore and Budget Committee member.

Two groups of concerned students attended Senate to recommend areas of future action for the student representative body. Members from the club rowing team discussed club sport funding, and two representatives from the Evans Scholars house advocated for adding a Senate seat for the Evans Scholars.

Dr. Gary Meyer and Dr. Peter Toumanoff presented on the new university-wide Honor Code that will be rolled out in the coming fall semester. The Honor Code will include obligations for students, staff, faculty and researchers and aims to take a more proactive approach to academic integrity.

Educational materials including online tutorials and modules will be released in order to educate the university communities on circumstances that compromise integrity. The university will also implement procedures to standardize how academic integrity cases are adjudicated in the interest of fairness and consistency, including introducing an Honor Council composed of students and faculty in fall 2015.

Senate voted to approve the budget presented by MUSG Financial Vice President Nick Ciccone. Off-Campus Senator Nathan Craft, a junior in the College of Arts & Sciences, was elected President Pro Tempore, and College of Business Administration Senator Courtney Guc, a freshman, was elected to fill a vacant academic seat on the Budget Committee.

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