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MUSG discusses possible changes to Student Organization Funding Process

After several months of conducting research and evaluating potential updates, an ad-hoc committee presented on a first round of recommendations to reform the MUSG Student Organization Funding (SOF) process.

In August, President Kyle Whelton, a senior in the College of Arts and Sciences, appointed Nathan Bowen and Connor Clancy, both seniors in the College of Business Administration, to an ad hoc committee tasked with a year-long review of the SOF process. Bowen and Clancy are enrolled in a Lean Six Sigma course, a managerial process improvement method that eliminates waste, and are applying these concepts to evaluate MUSG funding processes and submit recommendations to make these processes more responsible and sustainable.

Initial recommendations include reducing non-club sports funding periods from five to two, establishing impartial criteria to aid in evaluating funding applications and creating “spot funding,” or opportunities for student organizations to apply for funding for expenses incurred between funding periods. Senate will be engaging in dialogue with student organization leaders to gather feedback on the proposed changes before voting to adopt the changes.

At the previous Senate meeting, Senate passed an amendment to the MUSG constitution to restructure the programming team. The amendment abolishes the current commissioner positions to instead create a team who will jointly program events. According to Programs Vice President Ryan Twaddle, a junior in the College of Arts and Sciences, this change will foster collaboration between programmers.  

Applications are now open for students who are interested in serving as the Commissioner for Diversity, Inclusion, and Social Justice, Multimedia Director, or on the Senior Speaker Selection Committee. Interested students can find more information and applications at