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Meet MUSG: Program Board Commissioner Dominic Triliegi

Dominic Triliegi is a freshman in the College of Arts & Sciences majoring in political science. As a diversity commissioner, Dominic became involved in MUSG’s Program Board soon after starting at Marquette. IMG_1234

When asked about his favorite aspect of MUSG, Triliegi said, “I like the people I work with! They’re a passionate group of people with great ideas.”

In addition to his involvement in student government, Dominic serves as the secretary for Marquette’s College Democrats chapter. You can also find Triliegi serving up a quality latte at Stone Creek Coffee in Shorewood.

During his first semester at Marquette, Dominic really enjoyed “Make a Difference Day” and spending time volunteering with his friends. Although he enjoys “being the difference”, Dominic reflected, “I didn’t choose the Marquette life; the Marquette life chose me.”

No matter the reason he came to Marquette, the force is strong with this one. A huge Star Wars fan, Dominic recently got a Star Wars tattoo.