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Meet MUSG: President Sam Schultz

“My favorite thing about MUSG is getting to actively participate with students, faculty and administrators in making Marquette better.”


MUSG President Sam Schultz may not have time to sleep, but he certainly is working on making this campus a great place to be.

Schultz is a senior studying Biological Sciences from Stoughton, Wis. Before he became president, Schultz served MUSG as a Senator, representing Straz Tower for one year, and the College of Arts & Sciences for two. He was chair of the MUSG Senate Academics Committee and served as a Resident Assistant (RA) in Straz Tower for two years. Schultz currently works at the Marquette Law School as a receptionist and is a  four-year member of the Honors Program.

Schulz says that one of his favorite memories on campus was the Snowpocalyse of February 2011. The entire campus – and Milwaukee – was shut down on the eve of MUSG’s Night of Chocolate, and all classes were cancelled the following day. Schultz also enjoys eating at Oscar’s Pub & Grill on Pierce St., as well as Honeypie in Bayview.

In the end, Sam Schultz is someone that MUSG is proud to call president – with a non-stop commitment to students.