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MUSG Senate Agenda Oct. 4

Thursday, October 4, 2012

7:30 PM – AMU 227

1.  Call to Order 2.  Roll Call 3.  Forum for Concerned Students 4.  Presentations 5.  Officer Reports       President Arica Van Boxtel       Executive Vice President Bill Neidhardt       Communications Vice President Alex Lahr       Program Vice President Matt McGonengle       Financial Vice President Brittany Riesenbeck       Advisor Kate Trevey       Parliamentarian Antonella Montovano       Legislative Vice President Jilly Gokalgandhi 6.  Committee Reports       Business and Administration Joe Daufenbach       Student Life Heinz Schelhammer       Academics Sam Schultz       Student Organizations Tommy Hayes

7.   Outreach, Council, and All-University Committee Reports

8.   Approval of Minutes        A.      Approval of Legislative Minutes from our meeting on 9/27/2012

 9.  Old Business 10.  New Business         A.      Election of Budget Committee Member         B.      Election of SOF Committee Member         C.      Election of President Pro-Tempore 11.  Announcements

12.  Adjournment