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MUSG & RHA Election Clarification

MILWAUKEE (Sept. 14, 2012) – Last night, Marquette University Student Government was informed that our Marquette Involvement Link site inadvertently closed the election an hour early, inhibiting students from casting their votes. Thanks to quick responses from students about the issue, it was learned that Marquette Involvement Link was defaulted on Eastern time. The time was adjusted, and the site was re-opened quickly.

To accommodate this, voting was extended until 12 p.m. Friday. All students received email notification of this change. MUSG apologies for any students who were unable to vote for MUSG or RHA candidates during that hour. The complication has been dutifully noted, and will be avoided in all future elections. For students who may have questions or concerns regarding this topic, please contact MUSG Elections Coordinator Dave Kuester at

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