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MUSG Fall 2012 Election Results

Fall 2012 Student Election

MUSG Fall Election Certified Results

Election conducted Thursday, September 13, 2012

Results certified Friday, September 14, 2:00 pm

1,756 Voters

22.1% Voter Turnout 1

 Abbottsford Hall Senator – 146 Voters

                           Matthew Walker          81          55.5%

Kevin Cornell          65          44.5%

 Carpenter Tower Senator

                           Emily Pirkl                    100%

Cobeen Hall Senator – 156 Voters

                           Emmaline Jurgena          91          100%

Commuter Senator

One Commuter Senator seat remains open and will be appointed by the Commuter Student Association or MUSG Legislative Vice President, in accordance with the MUSG Constitution. 

Mashuda Hall Senator – 67 Voters

                           Jacob Vildibill                    100%

McCabe Hall Senator

                           Jason Kurtyka                    100%

McCORMICK Hall Senator (2) – 191 Voters

                           Zack Wallace                    100%

One McCormick Hall Senator seat remains open and will be appointed by the McCormick Hall Council, in accordance with the MUSG Constitution.

O’Donnell Hall Senator – 53 Voters

                           Chris Steiner          28          52.8%

Tyler Thompson          25          47.2%

 Off-Campus Senator (7 SEATS) – 337 Voters

                           Joe Daufenbach          253          39.5%

                           Marisa Galvez              184          28.7%

                           Alison Libera               204          31.8%

Four Off-Campus Senator seats remain open and will be appointed by the MUSG Legislative Vice Preident, working closely with the Apartments Council, in accordance with the MUSG Constitution.

 Schroeder Hall Senator

                           Thomas Schick                    100%

 Straz Tower Senator – 121 Voters

Charlie Mau          58          47.9%

                           Tyler Tucky          63          52.1%


Election results certified by

David Kuester, MUSG Elections Coordinator

Jon Dooley, Ph.D., Senior Associate Dean of Student Development and MUSG Advisor

Voter turnout of 22.1% of all eligible voters compares to fall election turnout of 14.6% in 2011, 17.8% in 2010, 10.9% in 2009, and 8.9% in Fall 2008).  This was the first time that Marquette Involvement Link was used to manage an online election.  The Fall 2010 election marked the first time that RHA, and the Hall and Apartments Councils conducted their elections using the same online ballot as MUSG, likely resulting in greater voter turnout starting that year.