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Tobacco Free Policy Passes University Approval Unanimously

On Monday, February 20, 2017 Marquette University Academic Senate unanimously endorsed the Marquette University Student Government (MUSG) and Student Health Advisory Board (SHAB) Tobacco Free Policy.

After five years of work led by students across campus, University approval for the policy is complete. Beginning immediately, MUSG will work with University offices including Facilities, Planning, and Management, and Office of Marketing and Communication on Implementation.

The policy will take effect August 1, 2017.

Former MUSG Senator and Chairman of SHAB Joseph Fuchs said, “Countless hours have been spent formulating this policy with students, staff, and faculty. I am excited to see the impact that a tobacco free campus has on the health and wellbeing of the Marquette community.”

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Marquette University Student Government Kicks Off Food Truck Wednesdays February 22 with YellowBellies

MUSG hopes to bring exciting new food options to the Marquette campus once a week with Food Truck Wednesdays.

Marquette University Student Government is excited to announce the first Food Truck Wednesday event with Milwaukee’s own YellowBellies, a food truck known for its pulled chicken sandwich, but caters to vegetarian and vegan diets as well.

The event begins on Wednesday, February 22, at 11 a.m. and runs until 2 p.m. in Parking Lot A at 16th St. and Wells St. The first 50 people to purchase an entree will receive a free basket of fries. Propane heaters will be on site to keep students warm while waiting in line. YellowBellies accepts cash and credit.

Though the event is catered to students, Marquette staff and the surrounding community is welcome to participate as well.

About YellowBellies

YellowBellies is a roaming food truck serving rotisserie chicken sandwich creations in Southeastern Wisconsin and beyond.

Letter from President Ortiz

Abraham Ortiz Tapia

 Monday, January 23, 2017

To Whom This May Concern,

Over the past months, I have had the opportunity to serve as the Marquette University Student Government (MUSG) President. In these months, I have been challenged and stretched in ways I would not have been exposed to in other positions. Serving in this role, I have gained a taste of the world of advocacy, university strategy and leadership. I am grateful for the people I have had the opportunity to engage in conversation with as well as for the opportunity to open the eyes of students to a greater scope of the city we live in and the issues and successes we are faced with.

I write this letter to announce that I have made the decision to resign from the Presidential position within the Marquette University Student Government (MUSG). Due to personal reasons and unforeseen circumstances, I am no longer able to fulfill the responsibilities of the role of president. After various conversations, I feel and know it is in the best interest of the student government organization and the student body that I resign from the position. 

Moving forward, Adam Kouhel will serve as the President of MUSG for the remainder of this term. I have full confidence in Adam, the Executive Board, and the members of the MUSG family to carry out the duties and responsibilities of the MUSG organization.

In the words of a wise mentor and close friend: there is not a better we before a better me. As I have always been told, nada es imposible, nothing is impossible – underlying this statement is self-care and love. I continue to believe that nothing is impossible but am putting a focus on self-care and growth.

We are in a new era where personal knowledge, self-care and a capacity to feel[1] and love are as important as our physical accomplishments. 

I am grateful for all of the love and genuine care that I received in my time as the President of MUSG. Thank you for your understanding and I look forward to seeing MUSG continue to grow in the coming months and in the future. 

With much gratitude,

Abraham Ortiz Tapia

[1] FKA Twigs – January 11, 2017

MUSG Senate Elects New Senators

MILWAUKEE (Sept. 16, 2016) – Marquette University Student Government announced Friday the residential senators for the 2016-2017 school year.

Students voted this week for their respective hall or apartment candidates.

Residential Senate Final Election Results:

           Abbotsford Hall: Elliot Shambeau

           Cobeen Hall: Samantha Dorow

           Commuter: Demmy Adeboyejo

           Evans Scholars House: Maggie McPike

          Humphrey Hall: Blake Hartman

          Mashuda Hall: Erin Murphy

          McCormick Hall: Madison Hicks and Hailey Matich

          Straz Tower: Daniel Brophy

         Off-Campus: Michaela Bear and Rariq Jaroor

The Carpenter Tower, O’Donnell Hall and Schroeder Hall seats were not filled due to an absence in registered candidates.  These positions will be appointed by the Legislative Vice President in accordance with the MUSG Constitution.

These elections saw a low voter turnout of 11%. Elections Coordinator Corie Cochran commented, “I am optimistic that voter turnout increased from last year, and I am excited to see these students excel as senators.”

Looking to the future, Cochran set her sights high for the 2017 spring election, “We will work hard to increase voter turnout to our goal of 30%.”

Some responsibilities of a residential senator include working with their respective hall councils as well as in conjunction with the Residence Hall Association (RHA).  Newly elected senators will participate in a training session on September 19 where they will learn proper procedures for senate meetings. The first official meeting with the complete senate will take place on Monday, September 26.

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Statement on Student Safety

Marquette University Student Government has been concerned about the recent issues that have affected our community. What occurred across Milwaukee this past weekend was distressing and we recognize that this isn’t just the result of one perceived injustice, but is rather the culmination of events and systemic challenges that have built up over the years.

In order to ensure the safety and well-being of our students, a preventative campus-wide notice was sent out to ask students to remain indoors. Please note the violence occurring in other areas of the city has not touched our campus. MUPD and campus officials will continue to be diligent in assessing the situation. You can learn more about Marquette’s safety measures here.

The Marquette University Student Government is committed to representing and supporting all student voices and we encourage everyone to offer their input on how we, as a campus, can address this situation. We know that many incoming first year students, as well as returning students, will have questions. MUSG will be available to hear their concerns, and connect students to available resources.

Our campus is full of future leaders, and we strongly believe that we can make a difference in our community. We will be putting together a roundtable discussion to discuss the underlying issues of inequality, and how we can affect social change. In addition, understanding how recent events have impacted students and our Milwaukee community, the Office of Intercultural Engagement, Campus Ministry, and the Marquette University Student Government will be hosting an Interfaith Healing Circle on September 1, 2016 at 4:00 p.m in the Chapel of the Holy Family. All are welcome to attend.

Our faith encourages us to be bridge builders. Though we know that things will not change overnight, this is an opportunity for us to put our mission into action and be the difference in our community.

Students and staff joined in prayer for Milwaukee on Monday.

Students and staff joined in prayer for Milwaukee on Monday.