You can view passed legislation below. This page will be updated after legislation has been passed through the Senate.


Fall 2016
Amendment 1: Legislative Vice President Elections

Spring 2016
Amendment 4: Spring Elections and Senior Speaker Timeline
Amendment 5: Addition of Marquette University Evans Scholarship House as a Residential Area
Amendment 6: Vice President of Outreach

Spring 2015
Amendment 1: Community Engagement
Amendment 2: All University Committee Responsibilities 
Amendment 3: Suspension of Appeal Review Clause

Fall 2014
Amendment 1: Addition of a Coordinator for Diversity, Inclusion, and Social Justice
Amendment 2: Removal of Program Commissions

Spring 2014
Amendment 8: Implementation of Reserve Fund Cap
Amendment 7: "Or Designee" Language to Vice President Selection Process
Amendment 6: Legislative Vice President Term & Election Reformation

Fall 2013
Amendment 4: Requiring the Recording of Each Senator's Vote
Amendment 3: Removal of December Graduation from Senior Speaker Selection Procedures


Fall 2016
Recommendation 1: Recognizing Pancreatic Cancer Day Annually

Fall 2015
Recommendation 2: Tobacco Free
Recommendation 3: Pancreatic Cancer Day

Spring 2015
Recommendation 1: Socially Responsible Investment

Spring 2014
Recommendation 2: Center for Jewish Life
Recommendation 1: Amend Undergraduate Attendance Policy to include Religious Observance Absences Policy
Recommendation 10: A Recommendation for a Risk Management Officer in Student Organizations
Recommendation 9: A Recommendation to Extend the D2L Timeframe
Recommendation 8: Signing the St. Francis Pledge to Care for Creation and the Poor

Fall 2013
Recommendation 7: Establishing an EMT Certification Course
Recommendation 6: A Recommendation Regarding Transparency on Gender and Sexuality
Recommendation 5: Establishing the Annual Father Naus Day of Kindness
Recommendation 3: Accommodations for Disabled Students


Fall 2016
Resolution 1: Renovations to LGTBQ+ Resource Center
Resolution 2: MacBook Chargers in CLSI
Resolution 3: Application for Outreach Vice President Temporarily Suspended

Spring 2016
Resolution 4: A Referendum for the Transformation of Marquette's Recreation and Wellness Space

Fall 2015
Resolution 2: Bublr Bikes
Resolution 3: Growing Power Reserve Fund Allocation

Spring 2015
Resolution 1: Reserve Fund Allocation for Landlord Rating Website

Fall 2014
Resolution 4: Commending Vice President Ganey
Resolution 5: Reserve Fund Allocation for Avenues West Neighborhood Clean-Up Day

Spring 2014
Resolution 3: Commending Fr. Robert Wild, S.J., for his Leadership and Service as Interim President
Resolution 2: MUSG’s Endorsement of the Academic Integrity Steering Committee
Resolution 1: Reserve Fund Allocation for a Reusable To-Go Container System
Resolution 7: Supporting the Collegiate Housing and Infrastructure Act
Resolution 5: Reserve Fund Reallocation for the Purchase and Installation of Water Fountain/Refilling Stations
Resolution 4: Commending 25 Former Employees of Marquette University Eliminated on February 19, 2014

Fall 2013
Resolution 3: Renaming the MUSG Leadership Award
Resolution 2: Reserve Fund Reallocation for the Purchase of Computers

Executive Orders

Fall 2014
Establishment of Program Board Ad Hoc Committee
Establishment of SOF External Review Ad Hoc Committee