Good Neighbor

The MUSG Good Neighbor Designation Program is a collaboration among Marquette University Student Government, Off-campus Student Services, Safe and Sound, Avenues West, and local property owners and managers to establish a clear standard for property owners and managers renting to Marquette students in the near-Marquette neighborhood. It aims to reduce risks and hazards and encourage landlords and students to think proactively about safety, security and the aesthetic quality of our neighborhood. Property owners and managers apply for the designation through Off-campus Student Services and receive it from MUSG.

The objective assessment criteria, which were created collaboratively by students, property owners and managers, and city and university officials, represent a standard that is above and beyond the minimum requirements of state and local law.

Property owners and managers must meet all requirements outlined under the “Must Meet” section to receive the designation. Property owners and managers who don’t meet items under the “Plan of Action” section may receive the designation pending their submission of an approved “Plan of Action” to address specific issues in a timely fashion.

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NOTE: The Good Neighbor Designation is provided for informational purposes only and is granted based upon information provided by each landlord.  Marquette University makes no claims, endorsements, or guarantees about a landlord, a landlord’s practices, or the condition of any individual property.  Marquette University expressly disclaims all liability for any and all claims arising as a result of a property’s condition or Good Neighbor Designation status.  It is a tenant’s sole responsibility to inspect the property and to evaluate all related terms and conditions. 

Properties who have earned the Good Neighbor Designation:

 Select Property Group
“The Edge” – 506 N 18th Street

 The Ivy of Fourteenth
 911 North 14th Street

 The Marq
2040 W Wisconsin Ave

Cedar Square
1311 West Kilbourn Ave
1416 West Kilrboun Ave
945/947 North 17th Street
 1818 W. State Street
 945A North 15th Street
923 N 14th Street
1422 W Kilbourn Ave
1432 W Kilbourn Ave
1425 W Kilbourn Ave

 Saint James Court
831 W. Wisconsin Ave

Tristan Estates
936 N 18th Street
930 N 18th Street
916 N 20th Street
1730 W. Kilbourn Ave
922 N. 20th Street
1720/1724 W. Kilbourn Ave
1714 W. Kilbourn Ave

1704 W. Kilbourn Ave
833 N. 14th Street
519 N. 20th Street

Marquette I & II Apartments
Marquette I: 934-940 N 16th Street
Marquette II: 292 N 17th Street

Marquette University
Campus Town West
Campus Town East
Gilman Building
Frenn Building
McCabe Apartments

Process for Applying for Marquette University Student Government Good Neighbor Designation
Criteria for the Marquette University Student Government Good Neighbor Designation