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Each year, 30% of the money MUSG collects through the Student Activity Fee is devoted to Student Organization Funding, a process by which student organizations and club sports are funded by the activity fee. The image below provides a breakdown of the process, as well as important dates and deadlines for funding applications:

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Student Organization Funding (SOF) is geared to fund programs that are open to all undergraduate students.

This means money is most likely (but not limited to) allocated events that are open to the entire student population and enhance the campus through educational speakers, entertainment through movies and dance shows and the like, cultural expositions/dinners, et cetera.

This also means that MUSG constitutionally cannot fund recruiting or fundraising events of any kind. Capital goods like t-shirts, giveaways, or prizes, operating expenses, non-current expenses (any events from the past), or any event charging admission fees are prohibed from being funded by the Student Activity Fee.


Funding Requests & Appeals

Other Forms

The Reimbursement form is also available
in the MUSG Office, AMU 133.

2013-2014 Student Organization Funding Committee

Student Organization Funding Guidelines

Below are the Student Organization Funding (SOF) guidelines to help student organizations create the best possible application for MUSG funding. Events that fall within the guidelines are not guaranteed funding and events that do not fall completely within the guidelines will be considered on an individual basis. The fundamental purpose of the SOF Guidelines is to ensure that all students understand how MUSG strives to distribute the student activity fee in a fair, transparent, and responsible fashion.

  • General Guidelines
  • Club Sports
  • On-Campus
  • Off-Campus
  • Publicity
  • Appeals & Reimburs.

General Guidelines for all Student Org Funding Applications

  • The SOF Committee strongly encourages a member of the applying organization to attend the “SOF Information Session” that occurs one week before the application submission deadline.
  • Every SOF funding application must describe, in detail, the proposal itself, its monetary requirements, and its benefit to the Marquette community.
  • The SOF Committee encourages collaboration among student organizations when sponsoring events.
    • Only one application for funding from one of the participating student organizations to is necessary to achieve funding for a collaborative event.
  • The event must not be a regular meeting of the organization (any weekly/monthly meeting where agenda does not deviate from typical discussion). A “unique” meeting would include sort of presentation, speaker, et cetera. If the event occurs on a regular and repeating schedule, a rational describing the unique nature of the event is required.
  • The SOF Committee encourages organizations to not only provide a thorough application, but also plan the events well in advance.
  • Previous allocations awarded for the same organization and/or similar events will not be taken into account by the SOF Committee.
  • Student organizations cannot apply for funding for the same event multiple times.
  • MUSG can provide funding the following:
    • Advertising and publicity for events
    • Speakers or educational events
    • Films and performances
    • Club Sports travel/lodging/conference costs
    • Conference registration costs
    • Events, services, or activities that are open to the entire membership of Marquette University and enhance the Marquette community (so get creative)!
  • MUSG cannot provide funding for the following:
    • Recruiting or fundraising events
    • Capital goods (i.e. t-shirts, prizes, uniforms, etc.)
    • Operating expenses (i.e. office supplies)
    • Non-current expenses (expenses incurred outside of the current funding period)
    • Any event that charges admission fees
    • Events that take place outside of the funding period

The Student Organization Funding (SOF) Process:

The following are the recommended steps for organizing a successful event with MUSG funding:

  1. Read the following guidelines that relate to your event.
  2. Fill out the respective Funding Request Forms for your event.
  3. Attend a Funding Request Info Workshop with a “rough draft” of your Funding Request.
  4. Submit your application via MUSG’s Marquette Involvement Link page
  5. Receive an email notification from the MUSG Finance Office regarding your application’s status.
  6. If allocated money by the SOF Committee (and allocation approved by Senate), and your event is approved by OSD, host your event. You must pay for your events’ expenses out of pocket.
  7. Turn in the Reimbursement Form along with the necessary documentation showing proper proof of payment- this could include original receipts, bank statements, MU contracts, etc. (Reimbursement forms can be found in the MUSG Office, AMU 133, or on the MUSG website.)
  8. Pick up your reimbursement check at the MUSG Finance Office.

The SOF Committee

The MUSG Student Activity Fee, funded by all undergraduate students, is distributed to organizations through the Student Organization Funding (SOF) Committee. The SOF Committee reviews Student Organization Funding Requests and decides the appropriate allocation for the event.

  • The Student Organization Funding Committee is made up of seven students in MUSG including the MUSG Executive Vice President; the MUSG Financial Vice President; four MUSG Senators; and a representative from the MUSG Program Board.
  • The SOF Committee meets to review Funding Requests five times per academic year.
  • Certain types of events receive priority when being assessed for funding allocations.
    • These priorities are derived from the MUSG Student Survey (seen below)
Support for activity fee funding to various student organization events 2013 % Agree 2011 % Agree 2007 % Agree
Student organization events: on-campus 90% 94.6% 94.3%
Student organization service activities: local 84% 88.5% 89.9%
Club sport competitions: on-campus 70% 70.3% 73.8%
Student organization service trips: domestic 69% 69.2% 66.5%
Student organization service trips: international 57% 57.3% 54.3%
Student organization events: off-campus (conf. travel) 53% 52.7% >48.6%
Club sport travel to off-campus competitions 42% >48.8% >44.3%

Club Sports

Allocating funding for Club Sport Seasons is included in the SOF Funding process. The SOF Committee meets to allocate to Club Sports twice a year. Each application is considered under the same General Guidelines as Student Organization Funding Requests. Each application from a Club Sport is considered on a case-by-case basis.

The SOF Committee looks favorably towards organizations that attend an SOF Info Workshop.

MUSG can provide funding for:

  • Team / coach / fan transportation and lodging costs
  • Field / facility rental costs
  • Referee / officials fees
  • Salaries for non-playing coaches
  • First aid supplies
  • League Fees
  • Entry and tournament fees
  • Publicity

Any questions or a request for an additional informational meeting can contact the MUSG Executive Vice President / SOF Committee Chair at

On-Campus Events

The General Guidelines for all SOF Applications apply to the following event types along with the accompanying specific guidelines:

The SOF Committee can provide funding for any event, service, or activity that is open to the entire membership of Marquette University and enhances the Marquette community. Including, but not limited to, the following types of events:

  • Speakers or Educational events
  • Films
  • Concerts and Performances
  • Banquets and Networking events
  • Cookouts
Detailed Info
  • All on-campus event applications are required to include an itemized quote of all costs relating to the event (i.e. speaking fees, food costs, or performer wages).
  • Events with outside vendors or individuals will need a Marquette contract.
    • Contact the Office of Student Development for the contract at least three weeks prior to the event.
    • A W9 tax form will need to be completed as well.
  • Events requesting funding for food should clearly articulate the purpose of providing food at the event.
  • Speakers
    • The quote provided with speaker events must include an itemized list of:
      • The speaking fee
      • Any lodging or transportation costs for the speaker
      • Any other incidental costs on behalf of the speaker
  • Banquets & Networking Events
    • The SOF Committee will not provide funding for award banquets and end-of-the-year celebrations, unless it is clearly demonstrated how such an event is open to and will benefit the entire community.
    • The applying organization should provide a rationale of how the food provided is an integral part of the event.
  • Concerts / Performances
    • All events with DJs, artists, or performers must provide a price quote and explanation of costs.
      • The SOF Committee can assist in funding for AMU Tech Staff up to $100.

Off-Campus Events

The General Guidelines for all SOF Applications apply to the following event types along with the accompanying specific guidelines:

It is the goal of the SOF Committee to distribute the Student Activity Fee in a manner that best benefits the entire campus and as many students as possible. Therefore, the SOF Committee prefers events that are open to the widest range of students possible and have an articulated positive impact on student life on campus (see the MUSG Student Survey results under The SOF Committee section).

A rationale on behalf of the number of organization members selected to attend and an explanation of the expected campus benefit is expected of all off-campus event applications.

Off-Campus Conference trips shall be limited to conference registration fees. Funding for transportation costs (bus, train, or airplane tickets, rental car contracts, and fuel costs), lodging costs, and/or the cost of food will not be considered for conference trip applications.

The SOF Committee looks favorably at applications that show the organization is contributing individual and/or organizational member funds to cover the costs of an off-campus event. The SOF Committee also looks favorably at applications that detail individual member and/or organizational fundraising efforts.

  • Transportation to Non-Conference Off-Campus Events
    • A detailed quote of all expected transportation expenses are required. This includes :
      • Bus, train, or airplane trips should provide quotes of the cost of each ticket.
      • The use of rental car will require a detailed quote and/or a copy of the rental contract.
      • MUSG can provide up to $0.555 per mile of the route for the total cost of auto travel.
        • The SOF Committee looks favorably on applications that include a map printout with an accompanying route plan.
  • Lodging
    • As stated in the general guidelines, the SOF Committee recommends an explanation of how the number of individuals sent on the trip was determined.
    • A detailed quote of the expected lodging costs is required.

Publicity for all events

MUSG can provide funding for event publicity. The following guidelines apply for publicity for all event types:

  • MUSG can provide publicity and advertising funding for on-campus events, off-campus events, and club sports
  • All publicity must feature the MUSG Student Activity Fee logo found here.
  • Failure to include the logo or funding disclaimer will result in a rejected reimbursement.
  • The SOF Committee will use the same copy rates as MU Printwise, which is .50 a color copy for any requests submitted. The SOF Committee looks favorably at applications which include detailed breakdowns of the number of copies and the type of publicity (table tents, flyers, etc.) used.
  • A copy of publicity must be attached when submitting a Reimbursement Request Form.

Appeals & Reimbursements


Following an SOF Meeting, student organizations may feel that their allocation amount was decided in error. In this case, an organization representative has the opportunity to submit an appeal application within 7 days of receiving the email notice of the allocation decision.

Appeal forms are submitted in the same form as original applications and can be found at In this application, you must specify your reasoning for submitting an appeal and can submit up to a one-page, double-spaced document explaining why you felt your application should be reconsidered.

All appeals are reviewed by the MUSG Budget Committee and decisions from the committee following the appeal process are final. For more information about the appeal process, contact the MUSG Financial Vice President at


Events with MUSG Funding are first paid out of pocket. Then, after the event, MUSG will reimburse your spending. The following are generally applicable reimbursement guidelines:

  • MUSG can only reimburse events and items that have been previously approved.
  • An original receipt, invoice, or contract must be attached to the Reimbursement Request Form.
  • A copy of the publicity used must be attached to the Reimbursement Request Form in order to reimbursed.
  • The Reimbursement Request Form, and required documents, must be turned in to the MUSG Office (AMU 133) within 30 days of the event
  • All events have unique reimbursement requirements. Please see the respective event guidelines above for more information.

Please keep in mind the following for prompt reimbursement by MUSG:

All reimbursement requests for an event must be submitted within 30 days after the event takes place to be eligible for reimbursement. MUSG Finance requests that the organization submits, along with proof of payment and a reimbursement request form, any piece of publicity for the event to ensure event was advertised with the MUSG Student Activity Fee Logo or the phrase “Supported by MUSG Student Activity Fee”.

Please note for reimbursement request that contact name listed should match whoever is named as the payee if a Marquette student getting reimbursed.

AMU Expenses:
For all expenses charged by the AMU’s Event Management, the following will be adequate documentation for reimbursement: a copy of the invoice that shows payment has been made or a copy of a bank statement/online check image showing a processed payment to the AMU. MUSG can also directly pay Event Management by receiving a reimbursement request requiring a department transfer with Event Management’s account number and the attached invoice.

Conference Registration:
For reimbursements regarding conference registration, MUSG Finance accepts the following proofs of payment: an official invoice from the conference that shows payment has been made (not what is due), a bank statement/online check image that clearly identifies the organization hosting the conference as the payee.

Food and Publicity Expenses:
For all reimbursements regarding food and/or publicity, MUSG Finance requests one of the following proofs of payment: an authorized receipt from the vendor, a paid official invoice, or a bank statement/online check image that clearly identifies the vendor as the payee.

Payment to Individuals (performers, speakers, coaches contracts, etc.):
If the organization requests MUSG to pay an outside vendor or individual, a Marquette contract must be signed. Contact Dr. Jon Dooley in the Office of Student Development by phone at 414.288.7205 or email at at least three weeks prior to event to make arrangements. In addition, a W-9 form and fully executed contract with rider, if applicable, must be attached. The check will be made payable and mailed to the address indicated on the reimbursement form, which must also appear on the executed contract and/or W-9 form.

Transportation and Lodging Expenses:
For all travel and lodging expenses to be reimbursed by MUSG, the following documents showing payment will be acceptable: an official invoice proving payment, a receipt provided at booking, or a bank statement/online check image that clearly identifies the vendor as the payee.

Referee Expenses:
For all reimbursements towards referees, please provide following documents: a bank statement/online check image that clearly identifies the payee and any information pertinent to verifying the individual as the referee if possible. If other proof of payment is available other than the above stated, please get in contact to verify its legitimacy.

Publicity Expenses:
For publicity, a copy of a paid invoice or receipt proving payment will be acceptable. For any other instances, contact the MUSG Financial Vice President.

For any other expenses or forms of payment, please get in contact with the MUSG Finance Office at or visit in AMU 133 as soon as possible to ensure prompt payment.

Fiscal Year 2014 Allocations

Non-club Sports Allocations
Club Sports Allocations

Have questions? Visit the MUSG Office in AMU 133 or e-mail the MUSG Executive Vice President.

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