All-University Committees

Marquette students have the opportunity to play a crucial role in university decision-making through representation on University committees. As such, the presence of student voices is essential. Meeting schedules will vary by committee, as well as the content of the meetings. Most committees meet every other week, monthly, or once a semester. The MUSG President is responsible for the placement and training of students to All-University Committees to ensure effective student representation on the below committees.

As a committee representative, students are expected to attend all committee meetings and submit minutes, committee decisions and discussions to MUSG. Please contact President Ben Dombrowski for questions or concerns. 

Committee on Academic Technology

Student Representative(s): Adam Kouhel

The Committee on Academic Technology is appointed by the Provost. This Committee is advisory to the Provost and the Chief Information Officer on all academic technology matters for the teaching and research of faculty and the learning environment of students.


  1. Provides input to promote optimal integration of technologies in teaching and research. a) Recommends technology-related polices for the use of computing and digital resources by faculty and students. b) Provides input to IT Services concerning various academic technologies implementation and uses to promote optimal integration of technologies on campus. c) Advises on selection of academic technology at the University.
  2. Collaborates with the Associate Provost for Educational Technology, Dean of Libraries, and the Chief Information Officer to identify emerging and current digital technologies that could enhance teaching and research.
  3. Contributes to strategic planning for academic technology at the university.
  4. Prioritizes IT-related technology projects that fit the University’s academic technology plan.
  5.  Collaborates with the Center for Teaching and Learning to provide faculty training in e-learning and use of academic technologies.
  6. Presents recommendations, as appropriate, to the Academic Senate for additional faculty review.
  7.  Provides a written annual report to the Academic Senate. 

Committee on Diversity and Equity

Student Representative(s): Eva Schons Rodrigues

Ensuring, promoting, facilitating, and monitoring diversity and equality opportunities for the university.

Committee on Teaching

Student Representative(s): TBD

The Committee on Teaching (COT) reports to the UAS and the Provost. The Committee addresses and advances the practice and scholarship of teaching and learning at Marquette University.


  1.  Promotes quality teaching and learning through the development of recommendations to the UAS regarding policies and practices related to teaching.
  2. Identifies and implements methods to recognize and promote the scholarship of teaching.
  3. Manages the selection process for faculty teaching awards and grants including the Faculty Awards for Teaching Excellence and the Way Klinger Interdisciplinary Teaching Award. 13
  4. Collaborates with the Center for Teaching and Learning to provide seminars and resources for faculty development.
  5. Reviews and recommends policies to provide a supportive academic teaching and learning environment including educational technology.
  6. Provides an annual report to the UAS. 

Core Curriculum Review Committee

Student Representative(s): Adam Kouhel

The Core Curriculum Review Committee working with the Director of the Core Curriculum shall be responsible for the development, maintenance, assessment, and evaluation of the University Core of Common Studies.


  1. Approves new courses for the Common Core.
  2. Reviews periodically core courses in the core knowledge areas with recommendations for improvement.
  3. Designs assessment processes for the common core.
  4. Reviews annually the evaluation of student learning assessment evidence for core learning outcomes.
  5. Makes recommendations regarding the improvement of student learning in the common core. 6. Reports to the University Board of Undergraduate Studies (UBUS) on a regular basis and forwards any recommended changes in credit hour and knowledge requirements for UBUS approval. 

Library Board

Student Representative(s): Lisa Kohlndorfer

The University Library Board is advisory to the Dean of Libraries on library matters as they affect the teaching and research of faculty and the learning environment of students at the Raynor Memorial Libraries.


  1. Reviewing and recommending policies dealing with Raynor Memorial Libraries services, collections, and facilities on behalf of faculty and students as well as providing an annual report to the Academic Senate

University Academic Senate

Student Representative(s): TBD, Adam Kouhel

The Academic Senate is a deliberative body with responsibilities for academic policy formulation of an all-University character and for the review and evaluation of academic programs and planning. Its conclusions on academic policy, academic planning, and program evaluation represent the official collective stance of the Academic Division, and they will be reported as such by the Provost, to the appropriate higher authorities. Recommendations of the Academic Senate are subject to the approval of the President and the Trustees.

University Assessment Committee

Student Representative(s): Courtney Guc

The University Assessment Committee, an Academic Division committee, addresses and advances effective assessment of student learning at Marquette University.


  1. Collaborating with the Provost and Vice Provost for Undergraduate Programs and Teaching to ensure ongoing systems of assessment, including:
  2. Development, implementation, and maintenance of the framework for university assessment systems
  3. Development, implementation, and maintenance of learning assessment processes at the institutional level
  4. Review of institutional and program level learning assessment reports;
  5. Recommendation of changes and modifications in university assessment processes as indicated
  6. Advising faculty, department, and colleges on assessment procedures and methods.
  7. Recommending to and collaborating with the Center for Teaching and Learning to provide assessment workshops and seminars for faculty.

University Board of Student Media

Student Representative(s): Alison Trovato, Pedro J. Bonnin

The Board for Student Media is the committee of the University Academic Senate that oversees Marquette University’s student media. These include the Marquette Tribune, Marquette Journal, Marquette Radio, MUTV, Student Interactive Media and any future ventures conducted under the direction of Student Media.


  1. Establishes and oversees policies regarding student media operations.
  2. Establishes and oversees the Student Media Budget.
  3. Establishes and maintains advertising, news, and editorial policies.
  4. Hears complaints and appeals about student media and makes recommendations as appropriate to the Dean or Provost.
  5. Reports annually on the Student Media to the UAS. 

University Board of Undergraduate Studies

Student Representative(s): Christopher John Smit, Michelle Frederick

The University Board of Graduate Studies is a standing committee of the Academic Senate. The Board shall address formulating plans and policies for all graduate and professional education and shall serve as a forum to discuss continuous improvement of the graduate and professional programs.


  1. Formulating policy on admission requirements, academic standards and procedures, theses and dissertations, probation and dismissal of students for academic reasons, and degree requirements
  2. Reviewing reports on institutional graduate and professional learning assessment results
  3. Appraising the quality of the graduate and professional programs
  4. Making recommendations for changes in existing programs, expansion of programs, introduction of new programs, and termination of programs; and for approval of individual students' Interdisciplinary Doctoral Programs
  5. Forwarding decisions to create a new degree, major, or certificate or to discontinue an existing degree or major to the Academic Senate for approval and recommendation to the Provost
  6. Submitting recommendations on University and College wide changes in graduate and professional programs, student policies and regulations and other matters to the Provost
  7. Serving, at the discretion of the Vice Provost for Research and Dean of the Graduate School, as a hearing body for graduate student appeals
  8. Providing an annual report to the Academic Senate

University Honors Committee

Student Representative(s): Sabrina Marie Galang, Emily Torbeck-Goodwillie

The Committee on University Honors is an advisory body that generates, discusses, and reviews nominations regarding honorary degrees and provides counsel to the provost and president. The committee is comprised of faculty, student, staff, and alumni representatives. All honorary degrees must be approved by the Board of Trustees.

Counseling Center Advisory Board

Student Representative(s): Gary Johnson

The Counseling Center Advisory Board (CCAB) exists to promote a positive and open channel of communication between the Counseling Center and the student body. CCAB members are students whose feedback and leadership is used to enhance awareness of student issues as they relate to services offered by the Counseling Center and promote awareness of how the services support personal and academic success. CCAB members serve a one-year term and meet two times per semester.

Dining Advisory Board

Student Representative(s): Eliza Luvianos, Ademola (Demmy) Adeboyejo, Ryan Dysart, Daniel Brophy, JR O'Rourke

The Dining Advisory Board serves as an advisory board to the Executive Director of Auxiliary Services on matters related to the operation of all residential, retail, and catering dining operations, along with recommending short-term and long-range goals and objectives for the campus dining programs and proposing the means to which such goals and objectives can be attained.The committee also reviews activities/offerings in the Alumni Memorial Union and makes recommendations as to improvements and changes necessary to increase student satisfaction with the building. 

Landlord Tenant Council

Student Representative(s): Brian Touhy, Rafiq Jaroor, Christian Evans, Roberto Santos, JR O'Rourke

The Marquette Neighborhood Landlord Tenant Council is a group of university administrators, students and area landlords that meets to address issues in the neighborhood.

Student Health Advisory Board

Student Representative(s): Emily Torbeck-Goodwillie, Andrianna La Mantia, Jack Toner

The Student Health Advisory Board (SHAB) is an advisory body for the Marquette University Medical Clinic (MUMC). SHAB works to ensure the satisfaction and quality of health care at Marquette by voicing student concerns to the administration of the Marquette University Medical Clinic. Its members are responsible for representing the needs, opinions and ideas of students; evaluating proposed budgets; recommending changes in services, and participating in the publicity and marketing of the Marquette University Medical Clinic.

University Financial Planning and Review

Student Representative(s): Cameron Vrana

The University Financial Planning and Review Committee (UFPRC) is advisory to the President and supports the financial planning and program review functions for the university in consultation with senior administration.


  1. To formulate a balanced operating budget and recommendations that support the university;s strategic plan and academic and administrative priorities
  2. To develop a balanced Capital Budget
  3. To project the long-term implications of the annual budget
  4. To conduct financial analyses of selected programs

Sustainability Committee

Student Representative(s): Daniel Brophy

The Marquette University Sustainability Committee convenes campus leaders and experts for the purpose of coordinating and advancing the university's sustainability efforts as they relate to academics, engagement, operations, planning & administration, and innovation, in pursuit of Marquette University's mission of excellence, faith, leadership, and service. Sustainability means meeting the social, environmental, and financial/economic needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs. Sustainability includes conserving energy, water, and other resources; protecting and improving air, water, and habitat quality; preventing waste and pollution; and doing these activities in a manner that promotes social justice, health, environmental welfare, and economic security.

Neighborhood Excellence Committee

Student Representative(s): Hannah Thiry, Eliza Luvianos, Austin Bohn

A small committee of property owners, community partners, students and Marquette administrators. This group reviews neighborhood issues including safety, aesthetic and development of community standards.

University Staff Senate

Student Representative(s): Tori Nanstand

The University Staff Senate is a group of elected individuals who represent Marquette University staff so that their views and interests may be considered, alongside those of faculty and students, in the conduct of institutional affairs that affect life in the workplace and in the advancement of the university’s mission.

MUPD Advisory Board

Student Representative(s): TBD

The Marquette University Police Department Advisory Board was established to provide advice and recommendations to the Board of Trustees, the president, the university official to whom the Advisory Board reports or the chief with respect to MUPD policies, procedures and activities.