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Marquette University Student Government serves to actively identify, understand, address and represent students’ needs, concerns and interests through acts of leadership and service that reflect Catholic, Jesuit ideals and contribute to the betterment of the Marquette University community.

MUSG is the primary student voice at Marquette and supports students through issue advocacy, management of the Student Activity Fee, hosting and sponsoring activities and events for students and supporting student organizations.


Marquette University Student Government has a long tradition of planning effective social, educational, and recreational programs and representing student voice to the university administration, dating back to the formation of the first Coed Club for women in 1919 and the all-male Union Board in 1920. These organizations merged in 1954 to form the Student Senate, reorganized as the Associated Students at Marquette University (ASMU) in 1964 and renamed Marquette University Student Government (MUSG) in 1996.

MUSG Executive Board

The Executive Board is made up of six leaders who aim to enact the mission of MUSG and provide students with dedicated representation and leadership. Each member oversees a department in MUSG and leads the organization to success. The Executive Board for 2013-2014 is:

President – Sam Schultz, Senior, College of Arts & Sciences
Executive Vice President – Zach Bowman, Junior, College of Arts & Sciences
Legislative Vice President – Kyle Whelton, Junior, College of Arts & Sciences
Program Vice President – Tyler Tucky, Junior, College of Arts & Sciences
Financial Vice President – Cole Johnson, Junior, College of Business Administration
Communications Vice President – Alex Lahr, Senior, College of Communication


In order to effectively carry out the mission, MUSG is organized into five departments: Senate, with elected students representing each undergraduate college and residential living area; Program Board, which plans and sponsors events and activities throughout the academic year; Executive Counci, which works on special projects, administrative appointments and daily operations; Finance, which manages the MUSG budget built from the Student Activity Fee; and Communications, which handles all communication efforts about MUSG events and initiatives.


The MUSG Senate is responsible for representing the ideas, opinions and concerns of the student body to university administration. Senators work on behalf of students by writing legislation to be passed on to administrators, meeting with faculty and university officials to discuss concerns, planning forums and events focused on specific topics and gaining student feedback through surveys meeting with students.

Click here for more information on MUSG Senate.

Program Board

The MUSG Program Board plans and hosts all MUSG events and activities throughout the academic year. Using a majority of the Student Activity Fee, Program Board puts on over 100 events each year, including the annual Night of Chocolate, Fall Farmer’s Markets, Varsity Theatre Movies, and the MUSG Speaker Series.

  • After Dark Commission

    The After Dark commission programs a variety of themed events and late night activities in the spirit of having a great time. Events generally take place on Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays throughout the year and have included programs such as a Vegas-themed casino night, carnival, dodge ball tournaments and much more.
  • Unplugged Commission

    Unplugged (formerly Coffeehouse) brings incredible acoustic, spoken word and musical creative talent to Marquette throughout the year. Unplugged also serves as a venue for Marquette students to express themselves as musicians and performers, either as an opener for a touring act or during an Unplugged Open-Mic Night.
  • Diversity Commission

    The Diversity commission provides entertaining and educational ways for students to experience and learn about diversity at Marquette. All events feature a way to engage with fellow students and a venue to discuss issues pertaining to cultural, ethnic, racial, religious, sexual or socioeconomic diversity. Commissioners often partner with student organizations and departments across campus and work towards building an inclusive campus community.
  • Excursions Commission

    The Excursions commission provides fun activities off-campus for students. With trips across Milwaukee and beyond, the Excursions commission gives students the opportunity to learn more about what Milwaukee has to offer and enjoy entertainment throughout the area at a fraction of the regular-cost. Previous excursions include trips to Six Flags Great America, Kalahari Water Park, Sunburst Ski Hill, Chicago and more.
  • Speaker Commission

    The Speakers commission is dedicated to bringing remarkable and influential individuals to campus to share their stories with students. Speakers provide insight into a wealth of inspirational, controversial and fascinating issues. Past speakers within the series have included Morgan Spurlock, Aaron Ralston, and SuChin Pak.
  • Special Events Commission

    The Special Events commission plans and executes some of the biggest and most original events throughout the year, including #MUmania (Mania/Welcome Week), Night of Chocolate and the Fall Farmer’s Markets. In addition to large-scale events, this commission selects the films to be played at the Varsity Theatre and plans an event for seniors during Senior Week.


The MUSG Finance Department manages the yearly operating budget of student government, reviews new programs and conducts financial analyses of student government operations. The MUSG budget is comprised of the Student Activity Fee, a small sum of $30 paid each semester that helps fund all MUSG programs and initiatives. The Finance Department also assists student organizations in requesting activity fee funds through the Student Organization Funding process.

See our current budget. (PDF)

Executive Council

The MUSG Senate is responsible for representing the student body's ideas, opinions and concerns to the Marquette University administration. Senators represent students in a variety of ways: writing legislation to be approved by the senate, meeting with administrators to discuss students' ideas or concerns, planning forums to address important topics like campus safety, and creating surveys to gain a better understanding of Marquette students' needs. If there is an issue that you think needs to be addressed, please talk to your senator or attend the weekly senate meeting to voice your concerns during the Forum for Concerned Students. We want to hear what's on your mind!

Communications Department

The Communications Department is responsible for all of MUSG’s external and internal communication efforts, including the design of publicity and advertising for events and initiatives, writing news releases and updates regarding student government, managing the MUSG website and engaging with students on a variety of social media platforms.

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